Democrats managed a minor victory requiring a sunset clause

Date Vote Position GOP opinion DEM opinion

8/3/07 Vote 309: S 1927: This amendment canada goose outlet store uk to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 passed 60 28 on August 3. spy agencies expanded power to eavesdrop on foreign suspects without a court order. The existing canada goose outlet online uk Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act contained a 30 year old statute requiring a warrant to monitor calls intercepted in the United States, regardless of their origin. The Bush administration argued that it needs the expanded power to confront terrorist threats. Civil liberties and privacy advocates argue the bill jeopardizes the Fourth Amendment privacy rights and allows for the warrantless monitoring of virtually any form of communication originating in the United States. Democrats managed a minor victory requiring a sunset clause effective 180 days after the bill is signed. In place of a court approval, the National Security Agency plans to institute a system of internal bureaucratic canada goose factory outlet controls. The bill passed in the House 227 183, and was sent to the White House soon after to be signed into law. No Yes No

8/2/07 Vote 307: H R 976: In this 68 to 31 vote the Senate passed an canada goose outlet uk sale expansion of the State Children Health Insurance Program. The bill also passed the House by a vote of 265 to 159. The bill increases total funding for the program to $60 billion over the next five years and provides health insurance for 9 million currently uninsured American children. The $7 billion yearly expansions were a major sticking point for the White House and ultimately lead to the fourth presidential veto from the Bush administration. The measure is a key agenda item for the Democratic majority in Congress, and Democratic leaders have vowed to push for a veto override, which would require a two thirds vote. White House press secretary Dana Perino criticized Democrats for goose outlet canada sending the president a bill she said they knew would be dead on arrival. made their political point, Perino said. The White House contended that the 61 cent increase in the federal tobacco tax would not be able to recoup the required funds needed to fund the bill. White House officials also argued the measure would push millions of children already covered by private health insurance into publicly canada goose outlet financed health care program 7/26/07 Vote 284: H canada goose jacket outlet R 1: This amendment to the Homeland Security Act of 2002 was made in order to implement the recommendations made by the 9/11 commission. Different versions of the bill were passed in the House on Jan. 9 and in the Senate on July 9. A modified version of the bill, with conference report changes, was revisited on July 27 and passed by a vote of 85 8. The bill requires the inspection of all cargo traveling on passenger aircrafts and establishes the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board. This panel, suggested by the 9/11 canada goose outlet black friday commission, is responsible for advising the president and senior White House officials maintaining respect for privacy laws and civil liberties. Other provisions of the Canada Goose Outlet bill include grants to states, urban areas, regions, or directly eligible tribes to be used to improve the ability for first responders to react to and prevent terrorist attacks, according to the Congressional Research Service. The bill also outlined details regarding the detention and canada goose outlet shop treatment of captured terrorists. The bill was signed into law by President Bush on August 3. Not Voting Yes Yes

6/11/07 Vote 207: On the Cloture Motion: With Canada Goose Coats On Sale this vote Democrats and some Republicans in the Senate sought to move forward on a measure that would have registered the Senate official opposition to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, whose tenure was plagued by controversy. The Washington Post reported that fell seven votes short of the 60 needed to invoke cloture and begin the debate on a resolution condemning Gonzales. Seven Republicans distanced themselves from the Bush administration and refused to support the attorney general who had been a target of sharp criticism for five months. Gonzales came under fire for his involvement in administration policies such as harsh interrogation policies, canada goose clearance secret overseas prisons, and a domestic surveillance program. attorneys last year. The attorney general critics claimed he fired the prosecutors for political reasons. If passed, the resolution would have done official canada goose outlet nothing more than send a public rebuke to Bush and Gonzales. But enough Republicans were able oppose «cloture,» effectively killing canada goose outlet canada the measure. As the Post reported, were aware that victory on the vote was unlikely, but they claimed a symbolic triumph in getting more than a handful of Republicans to join the effort to publicly shame the attorney general. Gonzales, who initially claimed he would not step down amid the controversies, announced his resignation on August 27. Not Voting No Yes

6/7/07 Vote 204: On the Cloture Motion: This cloture vote would have moved the Comprehensive Reform Act of 2007 forward to an «up or down» vote on the Senate floor. But the cloture vote failed, 34 to 61, leaving the bill subject to unlimited debate and effectively killing it. The bill set forth border security measures and enforcement provisions which were seen as controversial on both sides of the aisle. The bill called for a crack down on the hiring of illegal immigrants and would have required $10 15 billion in total spending, GOP aides told The Washington Post. If passed, the bill would have, border security, cracked down on the hiring of illegal immigrants canada goose outlet and provided a path for such immigrants to stay and work legally in the United States, reported the Washington Post. The bill was defeated by opposition Canada Goose Jackets from conservative and liberal causes alike. From the Democratic side, labor unions protested the guest worker program as a threat to American jobs. For conservatives of both parties, the path to citizenship provision was interpreted as «amnesty» for lawbreakers. President Bush threw his full support behind this bill, even making a rare visit to Capitol Hill in hopes of bolstering support after it appeared doomed. Despite his attempts, Bush found his major domestic initiative blocked by most canada goose black friday sale members canada goose uk black friday of his own party as well as a few Democrats. 5/24/07 Vote 181: On the Motion: This $120 billion dollar package was passed in the Senate by an 80 14 vote on May 24. The bill primarily focuses on funding for the Iraq war but also addresses other unrelated topics.

A previous war funding bill was vetoed by the president because it included troop withdrawal deadlines, which were largely supported by anti war Democrats.

Ten Democrats opposed this new bill with no withdrawal deadlines, while 37 supported its passage. Congress had to act to replace war funding that would have ended May 28.

According to the Washington Post, this bill includes 18 that the Iraqi government must meet to continue receiving reconstruction aid. One hundred billion dollars in funding is slated to support continuing military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. The bill says that the President and Congress must not take any action that will endanger the troops and that they provide any funds necessary for training, equipment and other types of support to ensure their safety and the effectiveness of their missions. The president is required to give a first report on the Iraqis progress in meeting the benchmarks to Congress on July 15.

Seventeen billion dollars in the package is for domestic spending. military bases to other uses, and $650 million to increase funding for children health care. A Congressional Research Service summary states that the domestic beneficiaries include state HIV grant programs, mine safety research, youth violence prevention activities, and pandemic flu protection.


No Yes Yes

4/26/07 Vote 147: H R 1591:

House and Senate conferees approved this legislation providing $124.2 billion primarily for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and setting benchmarks and a timetable for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, but President Bush vetoed the bill on May 1.

The measure, which also addresses a wide variety of unrelated issues, makes emergency supplemental appropriations for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30. 1591 also aims to improve health care for returning soldiers and veterans. It addresses needs related to hurricane recovery for the Gulf Coast, bolsters homeland security programs and provides emergency drought relief for farmers.

The legislation says that troops in Iraq would not have their service extended beyond a year for any tour of duty. It also mandates that the president must canada goose factory sale certify that the Iraqi government is meeting certain diplomatic and security benchmarks. If that certification is made, deployment would begin no later than Oct. 1, 2007, with a goal of completing the redeployment by within 180 days. forces could remain in Iraq for special counterterrorism efforts canada goose store along with protection, training and equipping Iraqi troops. military to focus resources on al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and to destroy his base of operations in Afghanistan. control over any Iraqi oil resource.

It does not fund two Joint Strike fighters and five of six electronic attack airplanes because lawmakers say they are not urgent.

The conference agreement provides $268 million for the FBI, that about $150 million above the president request. The agency budget includes $10 million for the FBI to implement the Office of Inspector General recommendations about the use of special secret subpoenas called national security letters. It also offers approximately $650 million for a children state health insurance program.

It phases in a federal minimum wage increase to $7.25 an hour and applies the increase to the Northern Mariana Islands. It also amends tax law to allow certain benefits for small businesses that were not included in the House or Senate bills canada goose outlet uk.