He concludes that GDP level, trade cost back to the home

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Canada Goose Online Dedicating specifically to uncover factors affecting FDI inflows into ASEAN countries and characteristics contributing to an attractive investment destination for United States’ firms, Uttama explores distinguishing features of ASEAN countries and canada goose uk important economic events occurring in the region such as the Asian financial crisis in 1997, the establishment of a free canada goose t shirt uk trade area, the passing of ASEAN Investment Area agreement, and so on. He also uses a panel country level dataset and the gravity model to test two hypotheses that whether countries with similar size and relative factor endowments, high trade costs and low investment costs, bringing in more horizontal FDI and whether countries with different relative factor endowments, and low trade costs and investment costs bringing in more vertical FDI. He concludes that GDP level, trade cost back to the home country, distance between home and host country positively and significantly affect FDI into ASEAN, whereas skill difference, investment cost, canada goose black friday usa and trade cost to host country negatively influence FDI (Uttama).. Canada Goose Online

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