«Mateen’s father is among the roughly 100 members that attend

«Reading into tone» is a normal part of reading. All language has tone, and tone affects the meaning or interpretation of writing. If one interprets that he is being condescending, then it may weaken his point. The trials go according to plan, Tisherman would like to extend the approach to other kinds of trauma. Gunshot victims were chosen for the initial trial because it is easier to localise the source of blood loss, but he hopes eventually to treat internal bleeding from an automobile accident, for instance. It may even, one day, be used to treat people suffering from heart attacks and other kinds of illness..

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Looking at when players contracts are up, the vast majority who matter have their contracts expire in 2020 or 2021 (start of the calender years, not seasons). Players of note whose contracts expire in 2021 or 2020 (TY, Autry, Ebron, Doyle, Kelly, Castonzo, Quincy Wilson, Marlon Mack, Anthony Walker, Sheard, etc.) will likely be evaluated and some/most will likely be extended as they shown worth in the current system, and Indy would prefer they don test FA. Others may walk, or be released because of lack of ability or age.