Women have greater enthusiasm for agriculture than did in the

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cheap nfl jerseys Said one common thread for many is their passion for the back to the land movement.want to eat well and treat the land well and be sustainable that appeals to a lot of women, she said.It that passion and love for the land that is driving more women to dump their lucrative careers and move into the demanding world of agriculture, said Ryan Riese national director of agriculture at Royal Bank of Canada in Calgary.Despite entry barriers such as capital costs and lack of expertise, believe this is a very encouraging movement, Riese said. Women have greater enthusiasm for agriculture than did in the past and they are doing things in new and creative ways. Previously a project manager in the public sector, she left to start a small hydroponic container farm operation just outside Victoria.know of so many female farmers, particularly on the berry and vegetable side, from women who have always been in agriculture to women changing their careers or raising young children, she said.Knott points to people such as Dana LeComte of Tugwell Creek Honey Farm Meadery, Jane Grueber at Seedling in the Wind MicroFarm and Laura Waters at Snowdon House Gourmet Gifts Ltd cheap nfl jerseys.