On special teams, his world class wheels make him

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cheap jerseys He’s displayed some ball handling ability that I really just didn’t think he had and that’s why I wouldn’t be super shocked for him to produce results similar to Porzingis.My big questions with Jackson are his rebounding and his relatively thin frame. Again, he’s very young and should fill out, but early on being so thin is gonna get him knocked off balance easier when he’s trying to finish around the rim (similar to Noel), it’ll make rebounding and establishing post position more difficult (also similar to Noel), and it’s gonna make it easier for attacking ball handlers to get into his body and finish at the rim. If he can’t be a good rebounder the Mavs would continue to struggle winning games, because rebounding has been a big weakness for us outside of when we had Chandler.His weaknesses are a little scary, but are things that he should be able to fix naturally by just maturing more physically. cheap jerseys

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