If say your shooting a concert in las vegas or a school or

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like it The total Somali population is at most 40,000 and most are concentrated in one neighborhood in Minneapolis. The Hmong population is around 70,000. These aren large population groups by any means.. No it doesn’t. It implies you’re doing the best you can. That’s going to vary from person to person.

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This is not political. This is about as flag waving, chest thumping, red white and blue barfing, founding father worshiping patriotic as you can get. This is about protecting our sacred right as citizens to elect our representatives. 2nd Season Completely on All Pro, once again went 11 5 but it was enough this season to not only win the division but secure a bye. Scored 17 unanswered 4th Quarter points to beat Chiefs 20 13 then secured a 2nd half comeback against Steelers to advance to the SuperBowl. I destroyed the Packers and lifted the Vince Lombardi trophy for the first time.