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If female circumcision only involved the clitoral hood, less invasive than male circumcision, and was done under sterile hospital conditions, does this make it as acceptable as male circumcision? If it is mutilation to cut the health genitals of a girl, is it mutilation to cut healthy genitals of a boy? If we could find a disease that was prevented by female circumcision should we start strapping down healthy little girls and cutting their genitals just like Americans do to little boys? Circumcision of boys also has a high complication rate, causing damage to the urethra in boys including meatal stenosis. A 2006 study in the BJU indicates that circumcision cuases up to an 80% loss of sexual sensitivity for men. The fact sexual sensitivity is decreased since the source of pleasure is nerve endings, skin contains nerve endings, when skin is cut off nerve endings are cut off, and therefore it is impossible to cut off skin without reducing sensitivity.

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