I am still my father’s daughter with his name

BEAT DALLAS! 3 times with the game on the line into the 4 th quarter when Wentz and Dak went head to head, Dak won all 3 with last second efforts in OT or in the end of the 4th quarter. The only time Wentz beat Dallas was a throw away game in week 17 of 2016, and when Goddell suspended Zeke. Zeke suspension was suspiciously delayed well into the season when critical games lined UP, Dallas STILL only missed the playoffs by a SINGLE GAME.

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But the biggest reason why I believe she was transported using the portal gun is Ricks absence in Beth’s life. He was busy trying to find her, which is how he ended up learning about all the different universes. When he gave up (or possibly found her) was right before he met Unity.

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