This would be a classic situation where a patient would be

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Do not use the sub to replica hermes handbags china push your personal agendaI a hermes himalayan crocodile birkin replica doctor who works in emergency/psychiatry in replica hermes watches uk Australia. This would be a classic situation where a patient would be «sectioned» (under section 351 of the Mental Health Act here) by police or put on an assessment order by ambulance officers (essentially they have the right to transport someone to hospital to be assessed by a consultant psychiatrist) and brought into emergency, after which he would almost certainly have been admitted (due to risks of harm to others/reputation, misadventure, and vulnerability secondary to his delusions. He sounds floridly psychotic and very unwell what did the police say when they arrived? Were emergency medical services involved (I guessing not) could they be called next time? Your first priority should be your safety when patients are psychotic, it is often impossible to reason with them, due to severely impaired reality testing..

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