The conditions in the human body are radically different from

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The easy way:If no signposts/ blazes are visible you’d follow other people’s tracks (if there are any) checked against gps/ mapping software (phone trail guide apps can be handy in a pinch). On popular trails there’s usually enough foot traffic/ markers that you’ll be able to find the trail again.Oh bother:If there’s nothing at all to go on and your gps is down, you’d use a good old paper map and compass.You’d navigate to a prominent land feature you found on the map that is in a spot where you can pick the trail up again. Maps used for this purpose have ‘tools’ built in to help you identify features from a distance.If you have no idea where you are, you can figure out where you are through what’s called triangulation.

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That specific scenario is incredibly unlikely. Just about every species of bacteria that lives in soil is specialized for soil, not for infecting mammals like us. The conditions in the human body are radically different from those in soil, and if those frozen bacteria somehow infected somebody, they be killed just by the innate conditions of their body long before their immune system got to it..

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