Your marriage is not healthy and bringing a traumatized child

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He has made a remarkable recovery over the past few months. He no longer has tremors, his vision and hearing are normal. He babbles all the time and is starting to learn how to stand. In my case, marijuana doesn screw me up like opioids do. However, the government says I don have permission to take marijuana if I ever need pain meds for surgeries in the future.Same issue with dietary advice frequently pushed in schools. African Americans and Asians are statistically more likely to be lactose intolerant where lactose can cause digestive unrest.

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NTA He is not giving you (or this situation) proper consideration. Your marriage is not healthy and bringing a traumatized child into the mix is not going to suddenly make it that way. I would honestly ask him what he intends to do if he ends up having to uk canada goose outlet single parent this child (which is likely to happen when this blows up your marriage completely additional stress can only make this worse).

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