I didn’t even know until I met with the specialist that they

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I wasn attacking you. I was just making an obvious point with some sarcasm (the fact that we all click Agree without reading what we are getting into.) The comparison of products and free services was again nothing against you but a potential reasoning to why companies alter and change. There is a reason behind everything for them.

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I made bought a few things using LN with command line in replica hermes luggage March 2018. Now you have much more sophisticated wallets on mobile devices. It continue to improve. I didn’t even know until I met with the specialist that they could determine gout with an ultrasound. Apparently something will show up up on my feet if that’s the case even if I’m not currently in a flare up. My blood work already showed high uric acid counts which I’m regulating with allopurinol.

Anything. It only fair that we get compensated for helping randoms we don know, otherwise what the point?I get that I could help out just to be a nice person, which is why I help my friends. But randoms who just fuck off afterwards are a waste of my time.

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