Instead it now a choice that he made now

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Brian Wells had a connection with Ken Barnes, and had a potential motive (he owed money to the crack dealer whose drugs he would use to convince Jessica Hoopstick to sleep with him and probably wanted some of the money from the robbery to pay him off). Also, according to a confession by Floyd Stockton, there was a rehearsal of the plot the day before in which a fake bomb was strapped to Brian. The fact that Wells was potentially in on the plan and showed up to a rehearsal is enough to classify Brian Wells as a co conspirator, and the FBI could not charge the other conspirators for his murder under the felony murder rule..

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They took my electronics (everything from the smallest SD card for phones, my 20 phones that I have in a drawer bc I didnt throw them away when buying a new one, every harddrive of mine, my laptops, USB sticks, etc). They didnt care about anything. They seemed friendly or at least not as if theyd enjoy doing that.

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