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That is, iO and Second City need to realize that diversity isn charity, but that diversity is necessary from both a social and a business perspective. Approaching diversity just as a means to make money without recognizing its positive impact in other areas means they miss the point of having diversity in the first place. […]

I grew up in naivete about the «war between the sexes

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I wish psych wards could save people with eating disorders. I wish that putting someone into the hospital or rehab would cure them. The unfortunate reality is that it just doesn’t. Fill each tomato cup about halfway with the creamed spinach, forming a well in the center of the spinach and pushing the spinach all […]

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Sure there are good qualities, some of those worth bringing back, but overall there was always room to improve, and never have we reached a point where we should stop. Going back to some imaginary time isn’t going to solve anything because, as you understand, the world will move on without us.boot2skull 7 points submitted […]

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That why we are commanded not to eat them. The Jews I know who keep Kosher are absolutely repulsed by pork, seemingly more so than by shellfish, a cheeseburger, etc. The only possible explanation I can come up with is that Judaism very much encourages dialogue, interpretation, and even healthy scepticism in theological discussions, and […]

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Sure, keep believing CNN when they say the majority of those immigrants are women and children. Just totally ignore the border patrol agents who are there everyday saying they mostly deal with adult men. It’s got to be nice living in this fucking canada goose clearance fantasy world where everyone is nice and dandy and […]

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The second reason is that humiliation is such a powerful and intense feeling. The greater the level of humiliation, the more pleasure I get. Fortunately, a lot of guys love having the opportunity to humiliate another guy, and take full advantage of me. G spot vibrator Dildos and beads have their own wonderful benefits, but […]