If they step into an argument and have to ban both parties

«The ballot language only says, ‘Give us permission to destroy the terminals we have now, and then just trust us that we’ll build something you like,'» he said. «They’ve spent $2 million to convince people we need this, and that seems like a bad signal to me. We are just asking people to consider our arguments, get educated and use your best judgment.».

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[jump] Newport is a community busy with steel making, waste hauling, and trucking, and stepping into Deli feels like going back in time 52 years, when the family first got into the food business. A counter full of ready to eat hot and cold foods stretches across the length of the deli. It’s old school, homestyle, Midwestern cooking: chicken and meatloaf and mashed potatoes and pasta and iceberg lettuce salads.

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